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The Jerusalem Music Centre (JMC) is Israel’s leading organization in nurturing and promoting outstanding young musicians. Established in 1973 by Isaac Stern and Teddy Kollek, together with Yad Hanadiv and the Jerusalem Foundation, the JMC has contributed crucially to the training and development of hundreds and thousands of young talents, many of whom now run successful careers as soloists, conductors, chamber music players, orchestra leaders, senior teachers, singers and composers. Headed by its president, maestro Murray Perahia, the JMC has become a magnet for the world’s leading musicians, who come to share their inspiration and experience with Israel’s finest young talents. The JMC works in close cooperation with Israel’s conservatories and music academies, enhancing and complementing the training and curriculum they provide. Catering to hundreds of talented young musicians all over the country, the JMC offers them unique opportunities to learn from the very best Israeli and international musicians, through master classes and chamber music sessions. At the same time, the JMC invests a great deal of efforts and resources in the periphery, helping budding talents realize their potential and empowering local teachers and schools so that they will eventually be able to cultivate their young talents independently.

The David Goldman Program for Outstanding Young Musicians is the flagship of the Jerusalem Music Centre. Participating in the program are Israel’s finest young string players, wind players, pianists and percussionists in the age group 14-18, the vast majority of whom are recipients of scholarships from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. The program’s activities are designed to enrich and complement their individual training, and the faculty consists of leading Israeli and international authorities. The David Goldman Program focuses on chamber music and promoting teamwork, mutual listening, deep understanding of music, and sensitivity to style. The program trains 20 ensembles, meeting for weekly sessions throughout the school year, as well as for intensive courses in school vacations. The program’s participants also constitute the backbone of the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel’s national youth orchestra, also working under the auspices of the JMC. In 2010 the program was named after the late David Goldman, whose family foundation made a major gift, securing its prosperity for generations to come.